There is Federal Law and there is State Law.  Of course State Law varies from state to state, but Federal Law covers the entire country.

There is only one thing I want to add under this heading, and that has to do with FEDERAL law.

Be VERY careful about public schools.  It is ultimately up to the school about what will be required of -- or taught to -- your child – NOT the parent.  Once you drop your child off at the door to the public school, you have relinquished all control and rights over your child – so say the Federal courts.  Not one parent that I have heard of has won in court.

Yes, you might be lucky enough to get a teacher/principal/school to work with you on the subjects you object to – but then again you may not.  When my son was in public school, I wanted to be notified when objectionable subjects were going to be taught so that I could either be there or have a sick day.  I was NEVER notified – and we’re talking about teachers and administration with whom I am friends.

Yes, you as a parent have the right to look over all curriculum, but you do NOT have the right to say what you want or not want taught to your child! (or even exposed to!)

So everyone with kids in public school or contemplating putting them back in, please be wary.

Where to find out about your State's homeschooling laws

After you have decided whether you want to homeschool or not, you need to check the laws for your state so that you can comply. There are some states that have little to no regulation, and some that are so regulated you might as well keep them in school! Here is the definitive site to research about the laws where you live:

Home School Legal Defense Association

Not only does this site help you to find the laws in your state, it will also keep you up to date about what is going on in your state and also in the nation. It also sometimes talks about homeschooling challenges in other countries. You can join this organization for a yearly fee, and it will legally represent you if you happen to have any trouble while homeschooling.